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Aug 20 2016 - Wood remains a popular choice among homeowners for decks and other outdoor spaces; however pressure treated lumber isn't the only option. There's cedar hardwood and more!. See more ideas about deck hardwood decking deck design.

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8/6/2020 For wood decks the only option is to re-stain the deck – which is costly and releases hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere Unclean wood deck boards You’ll likely be able to tell just by looking at your deck but a surefire test is to walk across your deck in a pair of light-soled shoes

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9/8/2017 Decking has been popular in gardens for years because it’s easier to install than other hard surfaces but being wood it tends to look tired quite quickly and will even start to rot.

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9/19/2018 The downside with enhanced wood decking boards is they will ultimately weather to a natural gray over the years and if you are fine with that look then this can be a beautiful option. But for the decking connoisseur concerned with maintaining the original color of the wood a UV-resistant deck oil will need to be applied once or twice a year.

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5/15/2015 We recommend that once the colour has returned a clear wood preserver then a good exterior wood oil or decking oil is used to help protect the wood against further weather damage. Top 3 decking SevenTrustrs. Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel (6609) Ronseal Decking SevenTrustr; Barrettine Wood Reviver; Dirty decking – Get rid of the muck!

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1/22/2010 Over the years they become warped or damaged enough that need to replace them. If the bottom of the boards are in good shape you could turn the boards over and save on materials cost. If you need to replace the boards take measurements of their length width and thickness. Railing Repair. Weather can wreak havoc on all of the wood and won't spare the railings of the deck.

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6/2/2018 This gorgeous wooden stairway uses natural Poplar wood for the whole structure – the steps its balusters and handrails as well as its wood decking for the stair landings. Treated Yellow Poplar is often used as a less expensive alternative for outdoor decking.

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11/7/2018 Bamboo is one of the top alternatives for wooden decking and it definitely makes for a beautiful option for a back deck for your home. The best reasons to use Bamboo are for it’s beautiful finish. It’s both light weight and durable as well as strong and resilient to many conditions it’s put under. Maria Mccutchen