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16/03/2011 How to Landscape Under a Deck Step 1: Remove Existing Growth. Clear out any existing foliage under the deck to start with a clean slate. Typically... Step 2: Install Landscaping Fabric. Lay landscaping fabric down on the prepared ground. This will help prevent the... Step 3: …

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Landscaping Ideas for Decks and Patios Surround Your Patio With Flowers and Trees. Planting bushes around your deck with colorful fragrant flowers can not... Bushes Trees Around a Raised Deck. When working with an elevated deck or patio consider the height of bushes and... Minimalist Landscaping ...

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Aug 20 2021 - Landscaping Patio. See more ideas about patio under decks backyard.

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10/04/2018 What to Plant Around Your Deck. What you should plant around your deck really depends on your deck’s height and shape. For instance if your deck is elevated you may want to consider planting some taller bushes shrubs and even small trees around the space. This will ensure that the area is filled out well particularly in the back row closest to the deck.

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13/10/2020 10 Under Deck Landscaping Ideas Add an under deck paver patio to your raised deck. Learn how to plan for a paver patio under your level deck and look at... Create dry usable space. If you have a raised deck install an under-deck drainage system that will provide dry useable... Landscape …

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This Deck was built with Spiced Rum with Lava Rock Accents.This space was also constructed using Contemporary handrails in black as well as a rain system under the deck. Under the deck a portion was finished and screened in creating a outdoor living room. The space was finished with accent lighting throughout.

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This elevated deck covers an area of the backyard that is otherwise mostly unusable and turns it into a large family-sized place for picnics barbecues and all-around fun. Note the sunbursts built into the railings they add a very nice finished touch and provide plenty of safety for smaller children.

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Landscaping is a great way to highlight what you love best about your deck. If you have a raised deck with beautiful exposed wood those are features you want to flaunt! For the most part you should plant low-growing foliage (like hostas). The good thing about having such a high deck though is that you can get away with taller landscaping.

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When a raised deck is part of your outdoor space the area underneath it doesn't have to go to waste. While you could leave it bare landscaping it creates yet another green space in your yard ...