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Manufactured using innovative Australian developed technology Durra Panel is produced using a unique dry extrusion process that converts a natural and renewable resource; wheat or rice straw fibres (biomass) into durable construction panels. Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections may be used separately as general purpose construction materials or be combined together to form a wide range of panelised …

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Durra Panel. June 7 at 8:54 PM ·. Thermal mass vs Insulation. When it comes to walling cladding flooring and other types of building materials thermal mass indicates the material’s ability to absorb the surrounding heat energy and store it. Thermal insulation on the other hand is defined as the reduction of heat transfer between objects.5/5(1)

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DURRA Acoustic Panel can also be provided with a range of factory applied laminates that will alter the panel mass and stiffness as required for more specialized acoustic applications. DURRA Acoustic Wall Systems have a proven track record being used in landmark projects throughout Sri …

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Delta Panels. Delta Panels is a 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturer of insulated panels. Our products include roof wall ceiling and patio systems plus a wide range of accessories. Our range of panels (in various styles and colours) have been engineered for enhanced performance in Australia's harsh environment. durra durra

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Durra Panel from Ortech Industries is a sustainable durable and affordable building panel made entirely of wheat straw. Using a renewable biomass byproduct Durra Panel traps CO 2 emissions from the atmosphere while remaining entirely recyclable and biodegradable.

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Durra Panel is made from reclaimed wheat straw a natural renewable resource. Instead of being discarded this is turned into an eco-friendly building material. Read more. Trafficable . Durra Panel can be safely walked on during construction fast-tracking the roof decking installation process with no safety mesh needed. Read more. Thermal. By efficiently using energy Durra Panel …

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Durra Panel is designed to be 7 times more resistant to mould than traditional plaster materials. The solid panel core minimises the potential for condensation to occur. Durra Panel is vapour diffusant and works well in areas of high humidity.

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Durra Panel is made from reclaimed wheat straw a natural renewable resource. Instead of being discarded this is turned into an eco-friendly building material.Product Get in Touch Projects Our Story Roof Ceiling Systems FAQ's

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Apr 12 2021 The combination of safe rapid and economical installation together with a large range of aesthetic surface finishes plus the added benefits of impact resistance thermal and acoustic insulation makes Durra Panel a highly versatile ceiling material with wide ranging applications.

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The History of Durra Panel. Through 8 decades of research and innovation the story of Durra Panel is far-reaching and ever evolving. From humble beginnings as a thermal insulator in Sweden to some of the biggest commercial projects in the country take a look at how Australia’s most sustainable building material came to be.

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Durra Panel is a fully certified wall and ceiling panel that contains an engineered biomass panel core made entirely out of reclaimed wheat straw. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable while maintaining the desired properties of acoustic and thermal control fire resistance and durability.