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D-MAC Industries provides Type A steel roof decking a Narrow Rib roof deck. Type A roof deck is a 1 ½” deep structural steel roof deck that supports various types of roofing materials. This specific type of roof deck is best used in conjunction with thinner rigid insulation. Type A Steel Roof Deck is rarely used for new construction projects.

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Structural roof decking provides the platform and strength for many roof structures today. The physical performance of structural roof decking provides an ideal base for metal standing seams bitumen single ply membrane and green roofs. We offer a large range of metal roof deck profiles which are both efficient and attractive.

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Lightweight structural concrete is used in roofing-related appli-cations for cast-in-place concrete roof decks using removable forms; composite roof decks where a metal form deck remains in place; and as a deck topping material such as a concrete topping surface over precast concrete planks or tees.

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Cordeck steel roof deck products serve as the structural substrate in roof construction. Installed directly over structural steel and provides a solid work surface for the installation of insulation weatherproofing and roofing materials. These products are also used to build mezzanines and canopies and the attractive corrugated underside of ...

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Loadmaster: A Structural Composite Roof Deck System. Loadmaster is an engineered roof deck system composed of a high tensile steel sections with thermal insulation and high performance Duraflex Mineral Board mechanically anchored to the steel sections with engineered attachments to provide structural composite strength.

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Structural Roof Deck SWUK Steel Decking offer a comprehensive range of TATA structural roof decking sheets. With these decks ranging from 32mm to 200mm deep and from 0.7mm to 1.2mm gauge these profiles support all types of insulated roofing systems such as:

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The increasing complexity of roof decking projects makes any software aimed at easing the process very welcome indeed. To aid this Tata Steel introduced the RoofDek quick selector a web based structural analysis tool.It allows a user to rapidly select the most appropriate deck for the application and structural requirements using a PC or tablet including iPad.

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Roof Structure: Steel Roof Deck supported by open web steel joists and open web steel joist girders bearing on concrete tilt-up panels and tube steel columns with a minimum 1/4 inch per foot slope to mitigate ponding considerations. Wall Structure: Cast on-site concrete tilt-up wall panels.

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STRUCTURAL DECK PROFILES By spanning a decking profile from rafter to rafter the need for purlins can be eliminated in a portal frame design. A structural deck will perform the function of transferring dynamic and dead loads of the roof covering to the frame and will also provide the necessary lateral restraint to the main structural frame. It is also possible to design a 'diaphragm' roof ...

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STRUCTURAL ACOUSTICAL ROOF DECK SOLUTIONS For over 65 years Tectum Roof Deck has provided reliable sustainable acoustical roof decking solutions to meet the commercial construction industry’s needs. Tectum Roof Deck solutions are available in a wide variety of system configurations to match the unique needs of your building design.

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Find the right structural roof decking for your roof here at SAB: Deep deck profiles. We have a broad range deep deck profiles for flat roofs. They are available in numerous design and lengths up to maximum 27 meters for fast and safe work. Deep deck profiles FA.

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Roof Deck. Roof products to meet your specification. Our extensive range of Structural Roof (SR) deck profiles provide both shallow (up to 100mm) and deep (greater than 100mm) to suit the span requirements of any project. Whether you are looking for a roof deck profile to span the short distance between purilns or a longer span option on to hot-rolled steel beams we have a range of products ...

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Structural Liners and Decks Overview Manufactured from high grade steel or aluminium our structural liner and deck portfolio provide economical solutions for a wide variety of span requirements.

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Sep 26 2011 Structural Concrete Deck – A cast-in-place concrete deck serves as an integral part of the structure and is designed to carry heavy loads.Normal weight concrete is typically used for cast-in-place construction. Beneath the roof cover structural concrete roof decks are commonly topside insulated using adhered insulation panels or cast-in-place lightweight insulating concrete.

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Extensive structural roof deck range to span clearly between main frames. Eliminate the cost and visual clutter of purlins and purlin bracing. Provides a beautiful clean uncluttered interior roof aesthetic that requires no ceilings. Supported by Tata Steel’s technical service providing full structural calculations to BS EN 1993-1-3 for steel and to BS EN 1999-1-4 for aluminium. Ultimate ...


Galvanized deck must be used for those roof deck systems where form deck is used to carry a lightweight insulating concrete fill. In a patented dry installed roof deck assembly form deck is uti-lized as the primary load carrying element. This assembly functions as a structural roof deck diaphragm. The assembly may include dry

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The Kalzip Deck Roof System is the mature further development of the handcrafted standing seam roof into an industrially pre-produced quickly assembled roof system. The Kalzip Deck Roof System is predominantly designed as a warm roof structure and is suitable for all roof pitches from 1.5 ° and for all substructures and supporting structures.

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USG Structural Panel Concrete Roof Deck Concentrated Load Wet or Dry ASTM E661 Mold Resistance 3. Absorption Measured from Equilibrium Conditioning followed by immersion in Water for 48 hours Fastener Lateral Resistance1 ASTM D1761 ASTM C1185 <0.10% 0.06% Minimum Framing Minimum Edge Distance Manufacturer Part No. Type Grabber Construction ...

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The roof deck is the roofing material between the structural components (the trusses and joists) and the insulation and weatherproofing layers (roof materials coatings layers etc.). … For residential buildings the most common type of roof deck is plywood or tongue and groove wood systems.

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Our extensive range of Structural Roof (SR) deck profiles provide both shallow (up to 100mm) and deep (greater than 100mm) to suit the span requirements of any project. Whether you are looking for a roof deck profile to span the short distance between purilns or a longer span option on to hot-rolled steel beams we have a range of products from ...

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B Deck profiles are 1.5-inch deep structural roof deck that provide both vertical load and diaphragm shear capacity. The wide ribs make the profile an ideal structural substrate to uniformly support roofing systems applied on top of the deck. Type B profiles are typically used …