non slip outside deck

Aluminum Non-Slip Outdoor Deck Treads Make Decks Safe ...

The 48″ by 1″ aluminum strips have an electrically bonded colored epoxy tint with an embedded polyester grit that creates a non-slip texture that feels like 80 grit sand paper or an emory board. The non-slip deck strips provide instant traction yet remain comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

Looking for a Non-Slip Outdoor Surface for Your Pool Deck?

May 21 2017 Smooth concrete will be slippery when wet so this type of pool deck must be installed with a special finish to add traction and have it become a non-slip outdoor surface. Broomed and exposed aggregate finishes can add a bit of extra texture to the surface for this purpose or a textured overlay or a sealer with clear plastic grit can be applied to create a slip-resistant surface.

Non Slip Decking | NeoTimber Composite Decking

Choosing the right non slip decking finish for you. Engineered with safety in mind – our slip resistant composite decking comes in a range of anti-slip surfaces that give users the reassurance that their outdoor flooring will remain a safe place to play entertain and relax. While there is no such thing as 100% non slip decking …