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By now your custom interior panels or door panels should have some resin applied to them and are beginning to look like what you had in mind for your custom car or truck interior. They should be fully dried test fitted sanded and cleaned before proceeding to the next steps in this process. The next few steps involve applying a body-filler i.e. Bondo to the glassed portion (s) of your door panels then …

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Aug 27 2013 Another way to make the door panels flow with the auto interior design is to use the colors and fabrics from the seats to bring it all together. Using different colors and textures from the seats makes the interior look put together and the close attention to detail really makes the whole thing come together. Source.

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We offer two types of door panel options for older and newer vehicles: Cowl Boards are a compressed waterproof cardboard primarily used in older vehicle applications. They are offered in a standard size of 32 x 48 and can be cut to size using your old door panel board for a template. Upholstery Panels are sewn material panels used for covering door panel boards.Upholstery Panels Cowlboard - Door Panel Boards

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Dec 09 2014 If you want your car to look the part or really want to shed every ounce we have aluminum door panels for select applications. And if you want your Jeep to look as just as rugged on the inside as it does on the outside we have aluminum door panels in brushed finish and with diamond plate finish in both natural aluminum and black as well as smooth black steel.

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Sep 21 2016 Building a show-quality interior to match the rest of your build can be a daunting task. However with a little instruction and a broad selection of car interior upholstery parts the task is made easier than you might think. This series of videos will walk you through building custom interior door panels. The videos feature pro builder Pete Hagan of Hagan Street Rods designing and assembling …